Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry

Influence of pH for the determination of serum albumin by a dye-binding method in the presence of a detergent.

PMID 18689951


In the dye-binding method, the absorbance increase caused by a protein error of a pH indicator is observed only in a restricted pH range. However, this pH range in the presence of a detergent has not yet been examined. Thus, the author investigated the pH (pH(UL)) where the absorbance increase becomes zero by a calculation based on the chemical equilibrium of a protein error of a pH indicator, and by experiments using four sulfonephthalein dyes. The pH(UL) value changed only with the detergent concentration, but did not change at all due to the dye, buffer solution or protein concentrations. Although the pH(UL) value was different according to the kind of dye used, it correlated well with the pK(D) values (dissociation constant) of BPB, BCG, BCP and BTB. The characteristics of pH(UL) in the reactions of the four dyes indicated good agreement with that obtained by a calculation.