Molecular and cellular probes

The digoxigenin:anti-digoxigenin (DIG) technology--a survey on the concept and realization of a novel bioanalytical indicator system.

PMID 1870582


A review is given on the novel non-radioactive digoxigenin:anti-digoxigenin (DIG) bioanalytical indicator system. After a general introduction on direct and indirect indicator systems based on previous non-radioactive indicator reactions as well as in vitro and in vivo amplification procedures the principle of the new digoxigenin:anti-digoxigenin technology is demonstrated. The novel system is based on the specific high-affinity interaction between the cardenolide digoxigenin from Digitalis plants and a digoxigenin-specific antibody coupled with a reporter group. A variety of methods for digoxigenin modification of nucleic acids, proteins and glycans are presented. In addition, various applications of the novel non-radioactive indicator system in a variety of direct or indirect detection approaches with either insoluble or soluble substrates are described. It is also shown that with these applications alternative reaction formats are used which are partly characterized by additional amplification steps.