Pakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS

Algal decolorization and degradation of monoazo and diazo dyes.

PMID 18817261


This study is to inspect how the variation of molecular structures and functional groups present in our models, monoazo dye (Tartrazine) and diazo dye (Ponceau), affects decolorization capabilities of green algae, cyanobacteria and diatoms. The results revealed that the removal of azo dyes was rapid at the initial period of study (3 days) and became slowly with the time (6 days). The maximum decolorization was observed at 5 ppm Tartrazine with S. bijugatus (68%) and N. muscourm after 6 days incubation. The reduction of color removal appears to be related to the molecular structure of the dyes and species of algae used. The culture of the diatom Nitzschia perminuta was completely died after 2 days of incubation. Azo reductase of algae, which is responsible for degradation of azo dyes into aromatic amine by breaking the azo linkage, was estimated. IR spectra represented a new peak at 3300 cm(-1) and a reduction in the azo band at 1642-1631 cm(-1). In order to investigate the sorption behavior of algae, Langmuir equilibrium model was tested.