Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Isolated glycosaminoglycans from cooked haddock enhance nonheme iron uptake by Caco-2 cells.

PMID 18850715


This study continues previous research to confirm that glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) exert a positive effect on promoting iron uptake by Caco-2 cells. Cooked haddock was digested with papain, and GAGs were further purified on the basis of their sulfur content. Reverse phase chromatography (RP-HPLC) and digestion with chondroitinase ABC (Chase) (50 mU/mg) were used to approach the identification of the GAGs. FeCl 3 was mixed with the purified GAGs, and Fe uptake was measured by ferritin formation using an in vitro digestion/Caco-2 cell model. The identificative analyses suggest that chondroitin/dermatan sulfate-related structures promote Fe uptake by Caco-2 cells; however, this effect was lower (40%) than that observed with whole fish muscle. Chase eliminated the positive effect on Fe uptake. These results indicate that specific GAGs may contribute to the enhancing effect of meat on Fe absorption. Further in vivo studies addressing these aspects of the meat factor are needed.