European journal of pharmacology

Biperiden enhances L-DOPA methyl ester and dopamine D(l) receptor agonist SKF-82958 but antagonizes D(2)/D(3) receptor agonist rotigotine antihemiparkinsonian actions.

PMID 18851961


The effects of biperiden (0, 100, and 320 microg/kg), a selective muscarinic M(1)/M(4) receptor cholinergic antagonist, were studied alone and in combination with those of L-DOPA methyl ester (16.7 mg/kg), a selective dopamine D(1) receptor agonist SKF-82958 (74.8 microg/kg), or a selective D(2)/D(3) receptor agonist rotigotine (32 microg/kg) on circling behavior in MPTP induced hemiparkinsonian monkeys. The doses selected were given i.m. in approximately equieffective doses to produce contraversive circling. Biperiden alone with 5% dextrose vehicle produced a slight increase in contraversive circling in a dose related manner. When combined with L-DOPA methyl ester, it enhanced contraversive circling and decreased ipsiversive circling. When biperiden was combined with SKF-82958, contraversive circling also was enhanced and ipsiversive circling decreased. Exactly the opposite was observed with the combination of biperiden and rotigotine. The results indicate a dramatic difference in effects of a prototypic muscarinic M(1)/M(4) receptor cholinergic antagonist in combination with prototypic full dopamine D(1) or D(2)/D(3) receptor agonists. Biperiden interactions with L-DOPA methyl ester were more predominantly D(l) than D(2)/D(3) receptor-like in this animal model of hemiparkinsonism.

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