Journal of chromatography. A

New developments in the preparation of anion exchange media based on hyperbranched condensation polymers.

PMID 18977484


We have developed a number of new anion exchange stationary phases based on synthesis of hyperbranched condensation polymers prepared in situ on surface sulfonated wide pore, low surface area ethylvinylbenzene-divinylbenzene substrate beads. These new stationary phases are synthesized by exposing the substrate beads to a mixture containing one of several different diepoxides and methyl amine followed by exposure in an alternating fashion to diepoxide and then methyl amine in a repetitive manner. With each cycle of reaction with first diepoxide and then methyl amine, the capacity of the stationary phase doubles, allowing for the synthesis of high-capacity materials. These new phases are stable to hydrolysis in concentrated acid and base. They exhibit exceptionally low levels of hydrophobic interaction with anionic species commonly of interest in the analysis of environmental samples.

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