Applied biochemistry and biotechnology

Intensification of biocatalytical processes by synergistic substrate conversion. Fungal peroxidase catalyzed N-hydroxy derivative oxidation in presence of 10-propyl sulfonic acid phenoxazine.

PMID 19015819


Many industrial pollutants, xenobiotics, and industry-important compounds are known to be oxidized by peroxidases. It has been shown that highly efficient peroxidase substrates are able to enhance the oxidation of low reactive substrate by acting as mediators. To explore this effect, the oxidation of two N-hydroxy derivatives, i.e., N-hydroxy-N-phenyl-acetamide (HPA) and N-hydroxy-N-phenyl-carbamic acid methyl ester (HPCM) catalyzed by recombinant Coprinus cinereus (rCiP) peroxidase has been studied in presence of efficient substrate 3-(4a,10a-dihydro- phenoxazin-10-yl)-propane-1-sulfonic acid (PPSA) at pH 8.5. The bimolecular constant of PPSA cation radical reaction with HPA was estimated to be (2.5 +/- 0.2).10(7) M(-1) s(-1) and for HPCM was even higher. The kinetic measurements show that rCiP-catalyzed oxidation of HPA and HPCM can increase up to 33,000 times and 5,500 times in the presence of equivalent concentration of high reactive substrate PPSA. The mathematical model of synergistic rCiP-catalyzed HPA-PPSA and HPCM-PPSA oxidation was proposed. Experimentally obtained rate constants were in good agreement with those calculated from the model confirming the synergistic scheme of the substrate oxidation. In order to explain the different reactivity of substrates, the docking of substrates in the active site of the enzyme was calculated. Molecular dynamic calculations show that the enzyme-substrate complexes are structurally stable. The high reactive PPSA exhibited higher affinity to enzyme active site than HPA and HPCM. Furthermore, the orientation of HPA and HPCM was not favorable for proton transfer to the distal histidine, and different substrate reactivity was explained by these diversities.

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