Yao xue xue bao = Acta pharmaceutica Sinica

m-Nisoldipine attenuates monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertension by suppressing 5-HT/ERK MAPK pathway.

PMID 19127864


Effect of new calcium antagonist m-nisoldipine (m-Nis) on MCT-induced PH in rats and its mechanisms were investigated. Rats were injected with a single dose (60 mg x kg(-1)) of MCT subcutaneously to induce PH. Pulmonary haemodynamic measurement and lung tissue morphological investigations were undertaken. The MDA production and SOD activity in the serum were tested. PCNA, ERK1 and p-ERK expressions were analyzed by Western blotting. The expressions of 5-HT and PCNA were observed with immunohistochemistry. Results suggested that the PAP, right ventricular index and the degree of muscularization of small pulmonary artery were elevated markedly in MCT group, which was attenuated by m-Nis treatment. A significant reduction in MDA production and an increase in the SOD activity in the serum were also observed in all three m-Nis groups. The number of PCNA and 5-HT positive smooth muscle cells increased significantly in MCT group, and m-Nis treatment attenuated the expression obviously. Western blotting results suggested that the protein expression of PCNA and the ratio of p-ERK/ ERK1 increased markedly in MCT group and decreased by m-Nis. In conclusion, m-Nis protected against MCT-induced PH by decreasing PAP, right ventricular index, PAMSCs proliferation and pulmonary artery remodelling, which may be related to the reduction of 5-HT and the suppression of the ERK/MAPK signal pathway.

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