Current eye research

Oxidative stress markers in aqueous humor of patients with senile cataracts.

PMID 19172468


To investigate the levels of oxidative stress markers in human eyes with senile cataracts. We conducted a retrospective, case-controlled study of 57 patients with senile cataracts. To assess oxidative stress markers in the eye, we measured the enzymatic activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) as well as the total protein levels in aqueous humor. In aqueous humor, SOD and CAT activity levels were 0.133 +/- 0.020 and 1.223 +/- 0.081 U/ml, respectively; protein levels were 2.372 +/- 0.166 mg/ml (means +/- SEM). We observed a significant increase in SOD activity and the protein level in progressed nuclear cataracts. No significant age-associated difference in antioxidant enzyme levels was detected. Significant increases in the levels of SOD activity and total protein correlated with the severity of the cataract but not with patient age, suggesting that progressed cataract is associated with molecules leaking from the lens capsule.