Nuclear medicine review. Central & Eastern Europe

Evaluation of [(201)Tl](III) Vancomycin in normal rats.

PMID 19173180


Tl-201 has potential in the preparation of radiolabelled compounds similar to its homologues, like In-111 and radiogallium. In this paper, recently prepared [(201)Tl](III) vancomycin complex ([(201)Tl](III)VAN) has been evaluated for its biological properties. [(201)Tl](III)VAN was prepared according to the optimized conditions followed by biodistribution studies in normal rats for up to 52 h. The Staphylococcus aurous specific binding was checked in vitro. The complex was finally injected to normal rats. Tracer SPECT images were obtained in normal animals and compared to those of (67)Ga-citrate. Freshly-prepared [(201)Tl](III)VAN batches (radiochemical yield > 99%, radiochemical purity > 98%, specific activity approximately 1.2 Ci/mmol) showed a similar biodistribution to that of unlabeled vancomycin. The microorganism binding ratios were 3 and 9 for tracer (201)Tl(3+) and tracer (201)Tl(III)DTPA, respectively, suggesting the preservation of the tracer bioactivity. As a nonspecific cell penetrating tracer, [(201)Tl](III)DTPA was used.

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