Environmental science & technology

Kinetics of sonophotocatalytic degradation of anionic dyes with Nano-TiO2.

PMID 19238982


The current research work focuses on the combination of photocatalytic and sonocatalytic (sonophotocatalytic) degradation of anionic dyes, viz., Orange G, Remazol Brilliant Blue R, Alizarin Red S, Methyl Blue, and Indigo Carmine, with solution combustion synthesized TiO2 (CS TiO2) and commercial Degussa P-25 TiO2 (DP-25). The rate of sonophotocatalytic degradation of all the dyes and the reduction of total organic carbon was higher compared to the individual photo- and sonocatalytic processes. The effect of dissolved gases and ultrasonic intensity on the sonophotocatalytic degradation of the dyes was evaluated. A dual-pathway network mechanism of sonophotocatalytic degradation was proposed for the first time, and the rate equations were modeled using the network reduction technique. The kinetic rate coefficients of the individual steps were evaluated for all the systems by fitting the model with experimental data.