Revista medica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social

[Occupational exposure-associated hematological and immunologic manifestations to the benzene-toluene-xylene (Btx) mixture].

PMID 19263669


Despite, the idea promoted to study occupational exposure to benzene and its mixture with toluene and xylene (BTX) because it appears to determine its toxicity and probably the production of additive effects, it persists interest to recognizing its hematological and immunotoxic effects. The fact that exposure to a sole substance in the occupational field is infrequent. Available contributions that analyze these implications are scarce, with contradictory results, and in their majority are limited to the fraction of benzene. Epidemiologic studies that have evaluated occupational exposure to any of the BTX fractions have been based on personal monitoring, while others have characterized this heterogeneously and are accompanied by weaker proposals. The conformation of specific methods to stimulate occupational exposure to the BTX mixture would contribute to its homogenization and allow for a more integral view in terms of determining BTX exposure. On the other hand, the application of BTX exposure biomarkers has been questioned in studies contemplating the specific biological effects of reference-associated chronic exposure. Analysis of the hematological and immunologic manifestations associated BTX mixture is based on information that is unclear, controversial, or even speculative to date.