Journal of medicinal chemistry

Synthesis, antimalarial activity, and preclinical pharmacology of a novel series of 4'-fluoro and 4'-chloro analogues of amodiaquine. Identification of a suitable "back-up" compound for N-tert-butyl isoquine.

PMID 19284751


On the basis of a mechanistic understanding of the toxicity of the 4-aminoquinoline amodiaquine (1b), three series of amodiaquine analogues have been prepared where the 4-aminophenol "metabolic alert" has been modified by replacement of the 4'-hydroxy group with a hydrogen, fluorine, or chlorine atom. Following antimalarial assessment and studies on mechanism of action, two candidates were selected for detailed ADME studies and in vitro and in vivo toxicological assessment. 4'-Fluoro-N-tert-butylamodiaquine (2k) was subsequently identified as a candidate for further development studies based on potent activity versus chloroquine-sensitive and resistant parasites, moderate to excellent oral bioavailability, low toxicity in in vitro studies, and an acceptable safety profile.