Journal of lipid research

Adult-onset degeneration of adipose tissue in mice deficient for the Sox8 transcription factor.

PMID 19286648


Although the transcription factor Sox8 is broadly expressed during embryogenesis in developing ectodermal and mesodermal tissues, mice develop surprisingly normally in the absence of Sox8. Phenotypes in adult Sox8-deficient mice include mild osteopenia, late-onset male infertility, and reduced weight. We show here that progressive degeneration of adipose tissue in adult Sox8-deficient mice significantly contributes to weight reduction. Although serum levels of leptin, IGF-1, and noradrenaline were altered in Sox8-deficient mice, these changes could not explain the observed phenotype. Other serum parameters, including indicators of glucose metabolism, were largely normal. However, expression of the preadipocyte marker Pref-1 was elevated in adipose tissues of Sox8-deficient mice. This increase correlated with an impaired differentiation of Sox8-deficient fibroblasts to adipocytes in culture, a defect that could be rescued by reintroducing Sox8 into the cells. Furthermore, Sox8 levels were higher in mesodermal precursors than in mature adipocytes. We postulate a precursor-intrinsic role of Sox8 during replenishment of the adipocyte pool in adult mice and assume that disturbance of this function significantly contributes to adipose tissue degeneration in Sox8-deficient mice.

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