Journal of medicinal chemistry

New 1alpha,25-dihydroxy-19-norvitamin D(3) compounds constrained in a single A-ring conformation: synthesis of the analogues by ring-closing metathesis route and their biological evaluation.

PMID 19402630


Vitamin D compounds possessing A rings prohibited from flipping to the alternative chair form (i.e., analogues 2 and 26) were synthesized. The bicyclic fragment 22 consisting of the fused cyclohexane and dihydropyran rings was constructed via the ring-closing metathesis route. Also, a homologous synthon 23 with an attached dihydropyran ring was successfully synthesized using this strategy. The carbonyl deprotection in 22 yielded cyclohexanone 5 that was subjected to Julia coupling with the anion of the phenylthiazoline sulfone 25. In the resulting isomeric 19-norvitamins 2 and 26, their A rings can exist only in the alpha- and beta-conformation. The analogue 26 was 300 times more active in binding to the vitamin D receptor protein, 30 times more effective in causing HL-60 differentiation, and 10 times more active in transcription. These results confirm that the beta-chair form of the vitamin D ring A is necessary for the binding to the receptor.