Journal of pharmaceutical sciences

In vitro release and intestinal absorption of physostigmine salicylate from submicron emulsions.

PMID 1941560


The in vitro release of physostigmine salicylate (PS) from a submicron emulsion and an aqueous solution was studied using the dialysis bag method. These formulations were then perfused to various locations along the rat small intestine (proximal, mid, and distal jejunum), and two lengths (10 and 55 cm). The disappearance of PS from the luminal compartment and its appearance in the blood compartment was monitored. In the in vitro drug release from emulsion experiments, a biphasic appearance of PS in the sink solution was observed, suggesting a possible sustained release from the emulsion. However, absorption data from perfusion studies did not correlate with this in vitro observation. No significant difference was found in absorption from emulsion versus solution in the mid jejunum where PS absorption was maximal. The difference between the two liquid formulations was observed only in those intestinal segments where the absorption was relatively low [absorption rate values of 4.6 +/- 0.86 and 9.98 +/- 2.04 (log%/min) x 10(-3) in the proximal and distal parts of the small intestine, respectively, as compared with 14.0 +/- 1.2-14.8 +/- 1.1 (log%/min) x 10(-3) in the mid jejunum]. In the distal part of the rat small intestine, PS was absorbed significantly better from solution than from the submicron emulsion. Cholinesterase activity in blood samples collected after intestinal perfusion with emulsion or solution revealed lower enzyme activity following emulsion administration.