Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence

Determination of tannic acid in industrial wastewater based on chemiluminescence system of KIO₄-H₂O₂-Tween40.

PMID 19536767


The oxidation reaction of H₂O₂ with KIO₄ can produce chemiluminescence (CL) in the presence of the surfactant Tween40 and the CL intensity of the CL system KIO₄-H₂O₂-Tween40 can be strikingly enhanced after injection of tannic acid. On this basis, a flow injection method with CL detection was established for the determination of tannic acid. The method is simple, rapid and effective to determine tannic acid in the range of 7.0 × 10(-9) to 1.0 × 10(-5) mol/L with a determination limit of 2.3 × 10(-9) mol/L. The relative standard deviation is 2.6% for the determination of 5.0 × 10(-6 )mol/L tannic acid (n = 11). The method has been applied to determine the content of tannic acid in industrial wastewater with satisfactory results. It is believed that the CL reaction formed singlet oxygen (1)O(2)* and the emission was from an excited oxygen molecular pair O₂(¹Δ(g))O₂(¹∑⁻(g)) in the KIO₄-H₂O₂-Tween40 reaction. Tween40 played an important role in enhancing stabilization of the excited oxygen molecular pair O₂(¹Δ(g))O₂(¹∑⁻(g)) and in increasing CL intensity.