Huan jing ke xue= Huanjing kexue

[Decoloration of reactive turquoise blue by acidified sludge-bentonite granule].

PMID 19558123


Using sludge as pore-forming agent, bentonite granule was acidified by sulfuric acid solution as a decolorant. The specific surface area and SEM were performed to characterize the structure of samples, and the new acidified sludge-bentonite granule was applied to the decoloration of reactive turquoise blue. The influencing factors of pH value, dosage, reaction time and reaction temperature were studied on the removal of the dyes. The important thermodynamics parameters (DeltaH0, DeltaS0, DeltaG) and the activation energy Ea were also acquired by experiment data processing. The results indicated that the adsorption isotherm fitted the isothermal adsorption equations of Langmuir better than Freundlich. The adsorption dynamics followed the law of the pseudo-second order kinetic equation, while the adsorption rate is 313 K > 303 K > 293 K. The low value of Ea which is 5.52 kJ x mol(-1) shows that physical adsorption is primary. And DeltaH0 > TDeltaS0 means that the influence of enthalpy is more remarkable than the entropy in the activation reaction. DeltaG > 0 also means the chemical reactions are not spontaneous.