Journal of virology

The choice of translation initiation site of the rep proteins from goose parvovirus P9-generated mRNA is governed by splicing and the nature of the excised intron.

PMID 19625410


The goose parvovirus (GPV) Rep 1 and Rep 2 proteins are encoded by P9-generated mRNAs that are either unspliced or spliced within the rep gene region, respectively. These mRNAs are present in an approximately equal ratio. The translation of Rep 1 was initiated from the first AUG in unspliced P9-generated mRNA; however, this AUG was bypassed in spliced P9-generated RNA and Rep 2 translation initiated predominately at the next initiating AUG downstream. We show that the choice of the site of initiation of translation of GPV Rep-encoding mRNAs is governed both by the splicing process itself and by the nature of the excised intron.