Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII

Antibody to CCDC104 is associated with a paraneoplastic antibody to CDR2 (anti-Yo).

PMID 19680650


Patients with cancer may develop paraneoplastic neurological syndromes (PNS) in which onconeural antibodies are important diagnostic findings. As the functional role of onconeural antibodies is largely unknown, insight gained by identifying associated antibodies may help to clarify the pathogenesis of the PNS. In this study, we identified patients with Yo antibodies who also had antibodies to an uncharacterized protein called coiled-coil domain-containing protein 104 (CCDC104). We found a significant association between CCDC104 and Yo antibodies (4 of 38, 10.5%), but not other onconeural antibodies (0 of 158) (P = 0.007, Fisher's exact test). The prevalence of CCDC104 antibodies was approximately similar in patients with cancer (8 of 756, 1.1%) and in healthy blood donors (2 of 300, 0.7%). CCDC104 antibodies were not associated with PNS, as this was found in only two of the ten CCDC104-positive patients. The CCDC104 protein, whose function is unknown, is expressed in various human tissues, including the brain, and is localized mainly to the nucleus, but is also found in the cytoplasm. The association between Yo and CCDC104 antibodies may indicate functional similarities.