Veterinary dermatology

Eradication of feline dermatophytosis in a shelter: a field study.

PMID 19706005


Enzootic dermatophytosis in a shelter with approximately 140 cats was treated according to a protocol combining identification, isolation and treatment of subclinical carrier and affected animals in accordance with a three-area system: healthy animals (no lesions and negative cultures), subclinical carrier animals (no lesions but with positive cultures) and clinically affected animals (lesions and positive cultures). The cats were examined and inspected under a Wood's lamp and had samples taken for fungal culture every 2 weeks. Thirty-three per cent of the cats had a positive fungal culture at the start of the study. Clinically affected animals and carriers were treated with a 0.2% enilconazole lotion (Imaverol) twice a week and given itraconazole (Itrafungol) 5 mg/kg SID orally every other week. The environment was treated once a day with a 1% bleach solution and once a week with a 0.6% enilconazole (Clinafarm) solution. Treated animals were considered cured after two consecutive negative fungal cultures. All cats were cured within 56 days. Prophylactic measures against dermatophytosis were implemented for new arrivals consisting of individual quarantine and the systematic taking of fungal cultures. No relapses were observed based on the fungal cultures taken from the animals and the environment over the first 10 months.

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