Journal of hazardous materials

Kinetics and product distribution of end of life tyres (ELTs) pyrolysis: a novel approach in polyisoprene and SBR thermal cracking.

PMID 19713038


Thermo-chemical treatments (mainly pyrolysis) directed towards energy and products recovery provide a very promising alternative to open space disposal or landfilling, reducing in the process hazardous waste and potential contamination to soil and water resources. In this communication, we present results of end of life tyres (ELTs) pyrolysis via isothermal and dynamic thermogravimetry of two ELT grades. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the possibility of utilizing a pre-set temperature (T(c)=500 degrees C) pyrolysis process (conversion time, t(c), of 120 s), to the benefit of intensifying the global product yields recovered. A novel engineering kinetics approach was undertaken to propose a thermal cracking scheme of four primary and two secondary side reactions. Thermal degradation of ELTs was taken from a depolymerization approach of the present polyisoprene polymer in the tyres, resulting in a high regression of 0.959. The products of ELTs pyrolysis were lumped into four categories, namely aromatics, liquids, char and gases. The thermal cracking model evaluation of kinetic rate constants and lumped products showed a regression ranging between 0.90 and 0.94. Dynamic runs were performed to extend the model derived, taking into account heating rate (beta) influence and products prediction and interaction. The results obtained can be used in designing industrial ELTs pyrolysis units.

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