Cellular immunology

Effect of betamethasone phosphate loaded polymeric nanoparticles on a murine asthma model.

PMID 19716124


Although inhaled steroids are the treatment of first choice to control asthma, administration of systemic steroids is required for treatment of asthmatic exacerbation and intractable asthma. To improve efficacy and reduce side effects, we examine the effects of betamethasone disodium phosphate (BP) encapsulated in biocompatible, biodegradable blended nanoparticles (stealth nanosteroids) on a murine model of asthma. These stealth nanosteroids were found to accumulate at the site of airway inflammation and exhibit anti-inflammatory activity. Significant decreases in BALF eosinophil number were maintained for 7 days with a single injection of nanosteroids containing 40 microg BP. Airway responsiveness was also attenuated by the injection of stealth nanosteroids. A single injection of 40 microg of free BP and 8 microg of free BP once daily for 5 days did not show any significant effects. We conclude that stealth nanosteroids achieve prolonged and higher benefits at the site of airway inflammation compared to free steroids.