Gene therapy

Transcriptional IL-15-directed in vivo DC targeting DNA vaccine.

PMID 19727134


Dendritic cells (DC) engineered in vitro by DNA encoding OVAhsp70 and IL-15 up-regulated their expressions of CD80, CD86, CCR7 and IL-15Ralpha and promoted their productions of IL-6, IL-12 and TNF-alpha. Transcriptional IL-15-directed in vivo DC targeting DNA vaccine encoding OVAhsp70 elicited long-lasting Th1 and CTL responses and anti-B16OVA activity. CD8T cell-mediated primary tumor protection was abrogated by DC or CD4T cell depletion during the induction phase of immune responses. However, CD4T cell depletion during immunization did not impair CD8T cell-dependent long-lasting tumor protection. Furthermore, in vivo DC-derived IL-15 exerted the enhancements of cellular and humoral immune responses and antitumor immunity elicited by OVAhsp70 DNA vaccine. Importantly, the potency of this novel DNA vaccine strategy was proven using a self/tumor Ag (TRP2) in a clinically relevant B16 melanoma model. These findings have implications for developing next generation DNA vaccines against cancers and infectious diseases in both healthy and CD4 deficient individuals.

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D0564 Diphtheria Toxin from Corynebacterium diphtheriae, lyophilized powder