Clinical and experimental rheumatology

Effects of monthly intramuscular neridronate in rheumatic patients in chronic treatment with low-dose glucocorticoids.

PMID 19772786


To assess the effects of intramuscular (im) neridronate (NE) on lumbar and femoral neck BMD and on markers of bone turnover in rheumatic patients under chronic low-dose glucocorticoids (GC) therapy. Sixty-nine osteopoenic and osteoporotic patients, affected by rheumatic diseases and gastric or esophageal conditions which contraindicated treatment with oral bisphosphonates (BPs), were randomly assigned to: Group A (23 patients) administered with daily calcium 1 g and vitamin D 800 UI; Group B (46 patients) receiving daily calcium 1 g, vitamin D 800 UI and im NE 25 mg monthly. After 12 months of therapy (M12) lumbar BMD was reduced of 2.97% in Group A, and improved of 3.34% (p=0.001) in Group B; at M12, femoral neck BMD was reduced of 2.40% in Group A and improved of 1.78% in Group B (p=0.010). After 6 (M6) and 12 months of therapy, the bone resorption markers were significantly reduced in Group B: OHPr-41.64% at M6 (p<0.001) and -37.91% at M12 (p<0.001); DPD-33.4% at M6 (p<0.001) and -33.18% (p<0.001) at M12: NTX -57.08% (p<0.001) at M6 and -55.95% (p<0.001) at M12; OC-11.62% (p=0.05) at M6 and -12.62% at M12 (p=0.06); B-ALP -13.95 % at M6 (p=0.04) and -0.85% at M12 (NS). A twelve-month intramuscular NE treatment in rheumatic patients under GCs therapy improves lumbar and femoral BMD and mainly reduces the markers of bone resorption.

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