Acta histochemica

Immunolocalisation of laminin-1 in keratocystic odontogenic tumors.

PMID 19773031


Keratocystic odontogenic tumors (KOTs) are distinct odontogenic lesions frequently affecting the jawbones. They may be associated with nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS), and may exhibit disorders involving the extracellular matrix. The aim of this study was to investigate the immunolocalisation of laminin-1 in 20 cases of KOTs in order to contribute to the characterization of this protein, which is little studied in odontogenic tumors. Our results showed laminin-1 in all 20 KOTs studied; its labelling intensity was weak in three cases (15%), moderate in five (25%) and strong in 12 cases (60%). Laminin-1 immunolocalisation was predominantly continuous in 18 (90%) KOTs, including areas of acanthosis, subepithelial split and epithelial buds. Weak immunolabelling was observed in regions exhibiting an inflammatory process, especially in the case of intense inflammation. These findings suggest that laminin-1 does not participate in biological processes such as cystic epithelium-cystic wall separation or the formation of epithelial islands in KOTs. Furthermore, the discontinuous and weak labelling of this protein in the basement membrane of these tumors is probably a consequence of the inflammatory process in the tumor stroma.