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[Catalytic degradation of PCB77 by microwave-induced nano-particle metal oxides in diatomite].

PMID 19799308


The degradation of PCB77 in diatomite by microwave-induced catalytic oxidation was studied in a sealed vial, including four effects such as microwave (MV) radiating time, addition of different nano-particle metal oxides, concentration and type of acids and dosage of MnO2. The results indicated that PCB77 could be removed significantly by microwave-induced catalytic oxidation. Compared to control reactor (without MV radiation), the removal rate of PCB77 increased by twice after 1 min. In addition, the removal rate of PCB77 under MV radiation was gradually increased with time of radiation and then reached equilibrium after 10 min. The removal rates are about 50% and 20% by addition of H2SO4 and ultrapure water respectively. No significant removal was observed by addition of NaOH and without aqueous media. Moreover, catalytic degradation of PCB77 by microwave-induced nano-particle MnO2 had best removal rate was up to 90% after 1 min, in contrast with addition of nano-particle Fe2O3, CuO and Al2O3. The removal rate raised from 37.0% to 98.5% rapidly with the concentration of H2SO4 ranged from 1 mol/L to 8 mol/L, and H2SO4 mainly played a role of acidification but not oxidation. The addition of 0.01, 0.03 and 0.05 g MnO2 showed the similar result.

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PCB No 77, analytical standard