The Journal of communicable diseases

Insecticidal activity of carbosulfan (OMS 3022) and pyraclofos (OMS 3040) against mosquitoes.

PMID 1983012


Carbosulfan (OMS 3022), a carbamate and pyraclofos (OMS 3040), an organophosphate were evaluated for their biological activity against vector mosquitoes, both in laboratory and field conditions. Carbosulfan (25% EC), was found to be active against adults and immatures of Culex quinquefasciatus, Anopheles stephensi and Aedes aegypti. The LD values for adults were 6.65, 5.19 and 8.35 micrograms/cm2 and LC 50values for immatures were 5.4 X 10(-5), 1.6 X 10(-4 and 5.4) X 10(-4) 50mg/1 respectively. Pyraclofos (50%) showed neither larvicidal nor adulticidal activities. The residual effect of carbosulfan (25% WP) on cement, thatch and mud surfaces at 400 mg (ai)/m2 lasted for 3, 16 and 21 weeks respectively. In the field, carbosulfan at 2.00 kg (ai)/ha resulted in complete control of C. quinquefasciatus larvae for a period of one week in cement tanks and less than a week in other polluted water bodies, such as cesspits, cesspools and drains. Pyraclofos was not effective at a dose of 2.00 kg (ai)/ha in any of the habitats.

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