Journal of colloid and interface science

TOF-SIMS analysis of structured surfaces biofunctionalized by a one-step coupling of a spacer-linked GRGDS peptide.

PMID 19836024


Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) was applied to validate GRGDS peptide patterned surfaces. The structuring of the surfaces included several steps: micro contact printing (microCP), chemical etching and aminofunctionalization followed by chemical coupling of spacer-linked GRGDS peptides via an isothiocyanate anchor. TOF-SIMS analysis of characteristic ions and molecular fragments with a lateral resolution of 100 nm allowed proving the change in chemical properties of the surface with each step during the structuring process. We found that the application of polydimethylsiloxane as stamp material resulted in the contamination of the surface with this polymer. TOF-SIMS investigations, however, also showed that during the preparation process the contaminations were removed and do not influence the bio functionality of the surface patterns. The results of the surface analysis carried out with TOF-SIMS were confirmed by complementary cell adhesion experiments with murine fibroblasts. As a result, specific cell adhesion restricted to GRGDS peptide functionalized areas was obvious by the formation of focal adhesion contacts in the fibroblasts. Thus, TOF-SIMS is the method of choice in chemical characterization of surfaces in structuring and functionalization processes, because it offers the opportunity to follow surface contamination during the preparation process and to assess the influence of the contamination on the applicability of the final substrate.

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