Analytical chemistry

Direct quantitative bioanalysis of drugs in dried blood spot samples using a thin-layer chromatography mass spectrometer interface.

PMID 19919036


The CAMAG thin-layer chromatography mass spectrometer (TLC-MS) interface has been assessed as a tool for the direct quantitative bioanalysis of drugs from dried blood spot (DBS) samples, using an MS detector, with or without high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) separation. The approach gave acceptable sensitivity, linearity, accuracy, and precision data for bioanalytical validations with and without the inclusion of HPLC separation. In addition, the direct elution technique was shown to increase assay sensitivity for a range of analytes representing a wide "chemical space" for pharmaceutical-type molecules over that obtained by conventional manual extraction of samples (punching of DBS and elution with solvent prior to HPLC-MS analysis). Investigations were performed to optimize extraction time, minimize sample-to-sample carry-over, and compare chromatographic performance. On the basis of this preliminary assessment, it has been demonstrated that the TLC-MS interface has the potential to be an effective tool for the direct analysis of drugs in DBS samples at physiologically relevant concentrations, an approach that could provide significant time and cost savings and greatly simplify bioanalytical procedures compared to current manual practices. Further, the increased sensitivity compared to that of manual extraction may enable the analysis of analytes not currently amenable to DBS sampling due to limitations in assay sensitivity.