Se pu = Chinese journal of chromatography

[Capillary electrophoresis fingerprints of compound Danshen Dropping Pill].

PMID 19938511


To establish capillary electrophoresis fingerprint (CEFP) of Compound Danshen Dropping Pill (CDDP) by capillary zone electrophoresis, the electrophoretic separation was performed by using a 75 cm x 75 microm (the effective length of 63 cm) uncoated fused silica capillary with 50 mmol/L sodium borate and 200 mmol/L boric acid (1:1, v/v) containing 1.1% triethylamine as the background electrolyte. The running voltage was 18 kV while the detection wavelength was set at 290 nm. The CEFPs were produced by the electropherograms from 10 batches of CDDP and the 8 co-possessing peaks were selected as the fingerprint peaks of CDDP's CEFP by choosing protocatechualdehyde peak as the referential peak. The quality of CDDP was evaluated by systematic quantified fingerprint method through assessing the CEFP. Ten batches of CDDP were classified by systematic quantified fingerprint method. Among the 10 batches of CDDP, the contents of 1 batch were obviously lower while the others were almost similar. The CEFPs of CDDP were established with good precision and reproducibility, which can be served as a novel reference to identify and control the quality of CDDP.

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