Archives of biochemistry and biophysics

Decolorization of malachite green by cytochrome c in the mitochondria of the fungus Cunninghamella elegans.

PMID 19944668


We studied the decolorization of malachite green (MG) by the fungus Cunninghamella elegans. The mitochondrial activity for MG reduction was increased with a simultaneous increase of a 9-kDa protein, called CeCyt. The presence of cytochrome c in CeCyt protein was determined by optical absorbance spectroscopy with an extinction coefficient (E(550-535)) of 19.7+/-6.3 mM(-1) cm(-1) and reduction potential of + 261 mV. When purified CeCyt was added into the mitochondria, the specific activity of CeCyt reached 440 +/- 122 micromol min(-1) mg(-1) protein. The inhibition of MG reduction by stigmatellin, but not by antimycin A, indicated a possible linkage of CeCyt activity to the Qo site of the bc1 complex. The RT-PCR results showed tight regulation of the cecyt gene expression by reactive oxygen species. We suggest that CeCyt acts as a protein reductant for MG under oxidative stress in a stationary or secondary growth stage of this fungus.