Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research

Determination of Cr(VI) concentration in diluted samples based on the paper test strip method.

PMID 19955631


At present, there are many methods for Cr(VI) concentration determination in diluted samples, however, these methods have their own inherent drawbacks, such as long response time, complicated pretreatment, expensive equipment etc. In this paper, a paper-based test strip method specific for determination of diluted Cr(VI) samples was developed. In this method, Aliquat 336, as an anion exchanger was loaded into filter paper to form a test strip. This test strip was used to pre-concentrate Cr(VI) when contacting with the diluted Cr(VI)-containing solution. The Cr(VI)-containing test strip was then immersed into a diphenylcarbazide (DPC) solution (a color forming solution), and the color intensity was correlated to the Cr(VI) concentration. The detection range of the present method was found to be 0.02-1.50 mg/L. The results also showed that the method gave a high selectivity for Cr(VI) in the diluted samples to be tested. The method was applied to synthesized samples and the results, which were compared to those from a reference method, showed that the developed method is an effective, reliable way for Cr(VI) determination in diluted samples.

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