FEBS letters

Myosin 1G (Myo1G) is a haematopoietic specific myosin that localises to the plasma membrane and regulates cell elasticity.

PMID 19968988


Immune cells navigate through different environments where they experience different mechanical forces. Responses to external forces are determined by the mechanical properties of a cell and they depend to a large extent on the actin-rich cell cortex. We report here that Myo1G, a previously uncharacterised member of class I myosins, is expressed specifically in haematopoietic tissues and cells. It is associated with the plasma membrane. This association is dependent on a conserved PH-domain-like myosin I tail homology motif and the head domain. However, the head domain does not need to be a functional motor. Knockdown of Myo1G in Jurkat cells decreased cell elasticity significantly. We propose that Myo1G regulates cell elasticity by deformations of the actin network at the cell cortex.