Cellular immunology

RELT induces cellular death in HEK 293 epithelial cells.

PMID 19969290


RELT is a recently identified Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor that possess two homologues in humans named RELL1 and RELL2. We investigated whether RELT and its homologues could induce cellular death when transiently transfected into HEK 293 epithelial cells. Transfection of RELT family members into HEK 293 epithelial cells induced cell death characterized by rounding and lifting of cells accompanied by DNA fragmentation, characteristics that are consistent with the activation of an apoptotic pathway. Overexpression of RELT in COS-7 cells resulted in cell rounding and lifting without DNA fragmentation, suggesting that the effects of RELT signaling may vary among different cell types. In summary, we report that overexpression of RELT or its homologues RELL1 and RELL2 in HEK 293 epithelial cells results in cell death with morphological characteristics consistent with the activation of an apoptotic pathway.