Journal of cellular physiology

Ex vivo expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells: a more effective cell proliferation kinetics and metabolism under hypoxia.

PMID 20020504


The low bone marrow (BM) MSC titers demand a fast ex vivo expansion process to meet the clinically relevant cell dosage. Attending to the low oxygen tension of BM in vivo, we studied the influence of hypoxia on human BM MSC proliferation kinetics and metabolism. Human BM MSC cultured under 2% (hypoxia) and 20% O(2) (normoxia) were characterized in terms of proliferation, cell division kinetics and metabolic patterns. BM MSC cultures under hypoxia displayed an early start of the exponential growth phase, and cell numbers obtained at each time point throughout culture were consistently higher under low O(2), resulting in a higher fold increase after 12 days under hypoxia (40 +/- 10 vs. 30 +/- 6). Cell labeling with PKH26 allowed us to determine that after 2 days of culture, a significant higher cell number was already actively dividing under 2% compared to 20% O(2) and BM MSC expanded under low oxygen tension displayed consistently higher percentages of cells in the latest generations (generations 4-6) until the 5th day of culture. Cells under low O(2) presented higher specific consumption of nutrients, especially early in culture, but with lower specific production of inhibitory metabolites. Moreover, 2% O(2) favored CFU-F expansion, while maintaining BM MSC characteristic immunophenotype and differentiative potential. Our results demonstrated a more efficient BM MSC expansion at 2% O(2), compared to normoxic conditions, associated to an earlier start of cellular division and supported by an increase in cellular metabolism efficiency towards the maximization of cell yield for application in clinical settings.