The Journal of urology

New tissue bulking agent (polyacrylate polyalcohol) for treating vesicoureteral reflux: preliminary results in children.

PMID 20022037


We report the preliminary results of endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux in children using polyacrylate polyalcohol copolymer. We performed a prospective multicenter review of pediatric patients treated with subureteral injection of a new nonabsorbable substance. Only patients with 1 year of followup were included. A total of 83 patients underwent injection of polyacrylate polyalcohol copolymer at our institutions between 2005 and 2006. Among this group 18 males and 43 females with a median age of 58 months (range 9 months to 18 years) completed 1 year of followup. Reflux was bilateral in 27 patients (44.3%) and unilateral in 34 (55.7%). Number of injected ureters was 88. Reflux grade was V in 3 ureters (3.4%), IV in 12 (13.6%), III in 41 (46.6%) and II in 32 (36.4%). Mean +/- SD injected volume per unit was 0.76 +/- 0.43 ml. Median followup was 20 months (range 16 to 24). Complications after injection included dysuria in 6 patients (9.8%), fever in 3 (4.9%) and lumbar pain in 4 (6.6%). Reflux was eliminated in 78 renal units (88.6%), decreased to grade I in 6 (6.8%) and persisted in 4 (4.5%). Ureteral obstruction developed in 1 patient and was treated operatively. Overall success rate was 83.6%. Polyacrylate polyalcohol copolymer can be used to treat vesicoureteral reflux with comparable efficacy to other substances currently used, with a low rate of complications.

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