[Thienopyridines in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. III. therapeutic application of clopidogrel as monotherapy (without acetylsalicylic acid)].

PMID 20038285


In a series of articles the authors consider clinical pharmacology and experience of clinical application of blockers of platelet P2Y12 receptors, most well known representatives of which ticlopidine and clopidogrel according to chemical structure belong to thienopyridine derivatives. In the third communication we consider data of randomized studies in which efficacy and safety of clopidogrel monotherapy has been assessed in comparison with acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), ticlopidine, warfarin, as well as ASA in combination with extended release form of dipyridamole in various cardio-vascular diseases. Results of these studies indicate that efficacy of monotherapy with clopidogrel is comparable with that of ASA, ticlopidine, warfarin, and ASA in combination with extended release form of dipyridamole. Clopidogrel significantly more rarely causes ulcerogenic and other hemorrhagic complications than ticlopidine, but is substantially more expensive. Therefore prescribing of clopidogrel as monotherapy is justified only in those cases when ASA and ticlopidine are contraindicated or induce pronounced side effects.