Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii, i immunobiologii

[Using of Spherocelle sorbents for construction of immobilized probiotics].

PMID 20063796


To assess sorption properties of Spherocelle beads consisting of particles of macroporous celiulose with various charges in relation to bacterial cells of manufacturing probiotic strains from different taxonomic groups. The following manufacturing strains: Bifidobacterium bifidum 1, Lactobacillus plantarum 8PA-3 and Escherichia coli M-17, as well as 3 variants of Spherocelles' matrix: neutral, with positive and negative charges, were used. Spherocelle globules DEAE with a positive charge of the matrix were successively used for designing of immobilized probiotic preparations. Efficacy of sorbent is determined by sorption of > or =1000 viable cells as well as bacterial metabolites interacting in conditions of sorbent-regulated pH on each globule with diameter 100-180 microm. It provides, on the one hand, prolonged viability of probiotic bacteria in culture fluid within 6 months and, on the other hand, optimal pharmacokinetics of preparation due to gradual desorption of metabolites from sorbent globules. Sorbent Spherocell DEAE is biocompatible with cells of manufacturing strains of lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and E. coli and recommended for designing of immobilized probiotics.