Physiological chemistry and physics and medical NMR

Proton HR-MAS NMR spectroscopic characterization of metabolites in various human organ tissues: pancreas, brain and liver from trauma cases.

PMID 20070041


High-Resolution Magic Angle Spinning (HR-MAS) NMR has been employed to characterize various metabolites of human pancreas, liver and brain tissues from trauma cases. The potential usefulness of NMR in identifying the metabolites in human tissues has been explored using a combination of one- and two-dimensional experiments. The complete resonance assignments of pancreas tissue have been carried out for the first time. Two new metabolites, alpha-hydroxyisovalarate and alpha-hydroxybutarate were identified in all the tissue specimens. The metabolites information of these human tissues can further be utilized in correlating several diseases associated with pathological manifestations as well in distinguishing traumatic tissues along with control tissues of pancreas, liver and brain.