Journal of basic microbiology

Optimization of media components for laccase production by litter dwelling fungal isolate Fusarium incarnatum LD-3.

PMID 20082375


Laccase production by solid state fermentation (SSF) using an indigenously isolated litter dwelling fungus Fusarium incarnatum LD-3 was optimized. Fourteen medium components were screened by the initial screening method of Plackett-Burman. Each of the components was screened on the basis of 'p' (probability value) which was above 95% confidence level. Ortho-dianisidine, thiamine HCl and CuSO(4) . 5 H(2)O were identified as significant components for laccase production. The Central Composite Design response surface methodology was then applied to further optimize the laccase production. The optimal concentration of these three medium components for higher laccase production were (g/l): CuSO(4) . 5 H(2)O, 0.01; thiamine HCl, 0.0136 and ortho-dianisidine, 0.388 mM served as an inducer. Wheat straw, 5.0 g was used as a solid substrate. Using this statistical optimization method the laccase production was found to increase from 40 U/g to 650 U/g of wheat straw, which was sixteen times higher than non optimized medium. This is the first report on statistical optimization of laccase production from Fusarium incarnatum LD-3.