Zhong yao cai = Zhongyaocai = Journal of Chinese medicinal materials

[Study on hydrophobic constituents of Arnebia euchroma].

PMID 20112720


To investigate the massive hydrophobic constituents of Arnebia euchroma, and compare the similarities and differences of AE and AEZ from different sources. The hydrophobic constituents, AE01-1 and AEZ01-1, were obtained by the chromatograph of silica gel with elution of chloroform used in the chloroform extracts of Arnebia euchroma, AE01 and AEZ01. GC-MS was used to identify the main components of the hydrophobic constituents. 11 and 22 compounds were identified in the hydrophobic constituenty, AE01-1 and AEZ01-1, including 5 common compounds that were the main components. AE01-1, the hydrophobic constituents of AE, had 2 naphthoquinones, while AEZ01-1, the hydrophobic constituents of AEZ, had only lipid compounds. Compared to the AE, AEZ has fewer naphthoquinones with low polarity.