Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Enhanced dissipation of oxyfluorfen, ethalfluralin, trifluralin, propyzamide, and pendimethalin in soil by solarization and biosolarization.

PMID 20112907


This study was conducted to assess the effects of solarization and biosolarization on the degradation of oxyfluorfen, ethalfluralin, trifluralin, propyzamide, and pendimethalin. The experimental design consisted of 17 L pots filled with clay-loam soil, which were contaminated with the studied herbicides. Then, soil disinfection treatments were applied during the summer season, including a control without disinfection (C), solarization (S), and biosolarization (BS). Soil from five pots per treatment was sampled periodically up to 90 days. Herbicide dissipation rates were higher in both S and BS treatments with regard to the control. Similar dissipation rates were observed under S and BS for most of the herbicides studied, except oxyfluorfen and pendimethalin, which were degraded to a greater extent in the BS than in the S treatment. The obtained results showed that both solarization and biosolarization can be considered, in addition to soil disinfection techniques, such as bioremediation tools for herbicide-polluted soils.