Experimental cell research

Identification of a Z-band associated protein complex involving KY, FLNC and IGFN1.

PMID 20206623


The KY protein underlies a form of muscular dystrophy in the mouse but its role in muscle remains elusive. Immunodetection of endogenous KY protein in C2C12-derived myotubes and expression of a recombinant form in neonatal cardiomyocytes indicated that KY is a Z-band associated protein. Moreover, characterization of a KY interacting protein fragment led to the identification of Igfn1 (Immunoglobulin-like and fibronectin type 3 domain containing 1). Igfn1 is a transcriptionally complex locus encoding many protein variants. A yeast two-hybrid screen identified the Z-band protein filamin C (FLNC) as an interacting partner. Consistent with this, expression of an IGFN1 recombinant fragment showed that the three N-terminal globular domains, common to at least five IGFN1 variants, are sufficient to provide Z-band targeting. Taken together, the yeast two-hybrid, biochemical and immunofluorescence data support the notion that KY, IGFN1 and FLNC are part of a Z-band associated protein complex likely to provide structural support to the skeletal muscle sarcomere.