Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine

Preparation of porous yttrium oxide microparticles by gelation of ammonium alginate in aqueous solution containing yttrium ions.

PMID 20232233


Porous Y2O3 microparticles 500 microm in size were obtained, when 1 wt%-ammonium alginate aqueous solution was dropped into 0.5 M-YCl3 aqueous solution by a Pasteur pipette and the resultant gel microparticles were heat-treated at 1100 degrees C. Small pores less than 1 microm were formed in the microparticles by the heat treatment. The bulk density of the heat-treated microparticle was as low as 0.66 g cm(-3). The chemical durability of the heat-treated microparticles in simulated body fluid at pH = 6 and 7 was high enough for clinical application of in situ radiotherapy. Although the size of the microparticles should be decreased to around 25 microm using atomizing device such as spray gun for clinical application, we found that the porous Y2O3 microparticles with high chemical durability and low density can be obtained by utilizing gelation of ammonium alginate in YCl3 aqueous solution in this study.