Przeglad lekarski

[Development of analytical method for determination nicotine metabolites in urine].

PMID 20301889


The assay of biomarkers in biological material is the most popular and reliable method in estimate exposure to tobacco smoke. Nicotine and its metabolites qualify to the most specific biomarkers for tobacco smoke. Currently the most often used are cotinine and trans-3'-hydroxycotinine. The aim of this study was development of easy and quick method of determining nicotine and its main metabolites with high performance liquid chromatography--available in most laboratories. Nicotine and its metabolites in urine (cotinine, trans-3'-hydroxycotinine, nornicotine and nicotine N-oxide) was determined by means of high performance liquid chromatography with spectrometry detection (HPLC-UV). The determined compounds were extracted from urine by means of the liquid-liquid technique, before analysed by the HPLC method. Developed technique of high performance liquid chromatography proved to be useful to assessment nicotine and its four metabolites in smokers, though further research are necessary. The further modification of procedure is required, because of the interferences of cotinine N-oxide with matrix, which prevent determination. Increasing the efficiency of extraction nicotine and nornicotine could enable the determination in people exposed on environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). This study confirm other authors' observations that 3'-hydroxycotinine might be equivalent with cotinine predictor of tobacco smoke exposure, however further studies are required.