Analytical chemistry

Lifetime of neutral-carrier-based liquid membranes in aqueous samples and blood and the lipophilicity of membrane components.

PMID 2031561


On the basis of previously reported correlations between the lipophilicity of membrane components, their partition coefficient between the membrane and the sample, and the lifetime of corresponding neutral-carrier-based sensors, the lipophilicities of ionophores and plasticizers in analytically relevant ion-selective electrodes, ISFETs, and optodes are analyzed and reported. Equations for the estimation of the lifetimes of liquid membranes in continuous-flow systems are presented, and the experimental determination of the lipophilicity values by thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is described. The required lipophilicities for the lifetimes of liquid membranes over 30 24-h days for different applications in aqueous solutions as well as in blood are presented. A comparison of the experimental results of lifetime measurements with calculated theoretical values is given. The experimental results of the determination of the lipophilicity by TLC are compared with the lipophilicities estimated on the basis of Hansch parameters.