Molecular and biochemical parasitology

Toxoplasma gondii deoxyribose phosphate aldolase-like protein (TgDPA) interacts with actin depolymerizing factor (TgADF) to enhance the actin filament dynamics in the bradyzoite stage.

PMID 20433874


The Toxoplasma gondii deoxyribose phosphate aldolase-like (TgDPA) gene is expressed predominantly in bradyzoites. This finding allowed us to infer that TgDPA is important in the tachyzoite-to-bradyzoite development or maintenance of cyst structure although the function of this gene is still unknown. We conducted yeast two-hybrid screening to identify proteins interacting with TgDPA, and the actin depolymerizing factor (TgADF) gene was obtained. Co-immunoprecipitation and a GST pull-down assay demonstrated that TgDPA interacts with TgADF. To reveal the significance of the protein-protein interaction between TgDPA and TgADF, actin polymerization and disassembly kinetics were examined. Addition of GST-TgDPA to TgADF lowered the extent of actin polymerization and enhanced the filamentous actin disassembly. These results demonstrated that this is the novel protein-protein interaction in T. gondii, and that TgDPA can enhance the activity of TgADF. This phenomenon might play an important role in T. gondii bradyzoites by affecting the actin turnover.

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