A chiral ligand exchange CE essay with zinc(II)-L-valine complex for determining enzyme kinetic constant of L-amino acid oxidase.

PMID 20441938


A new strategy for the enantioseparation of D,L-amino acids employing the principle of ligand exchange capillary electrophoresis with Zn(II)-L-valine complex as a chiral selecting system in the presence of beta-cyclodextrin has been designed. Successful enantioseparation of label free and labeled amino acids have been achieved with a buffer of 100.0mM boric acid, 5.0mM ammonium acetate, 4.0mM beta-cyclodextrin, 4.0mM ZnSO(4) and 8.0mM L-valine at pH 8.1. This new method was shown to be applicable to the quantitative analysis of label free D- and L-aromatic amino acids. Furthermore, the expanding enzymatic use of L-amino acid oxidase to incubate with different L-amino acids has allowed understanding of the substrate's specificity. An on-column incubation assay has been developed to study the L-amino acid oxidase's catalytic efficiency. It was demonstrated that the enzyme kinetic constant could be determined by using this new method.