Methods and findings in experimental and clinical pharmacology

Evaluation of calcium dobesilate for its anti-cataract potential in experimental animal models.

PMID 20448859


The present study evaluated the protective action of calcium dobesilate (CDO) in various experimental models of cataract. CDO was studied in hydrocortisone-induced cataract in developing chick embryos and selenite-induced cataract in pups. CDO anti-cataract activity was also evaluated after oral and topical application as eye drops in galactose (30%) fed rats. This study was further extended to evaluate the intraocular penetration of a single dose of 1% CDO (50 microL) in rabbits. CDO exhibited significant protection against cataract in experimental models and considerable penetration after single topical application. Anti-cataract activity may be due to its antioxidant as well as aldose reductase inhibitor properties. Further studies are in progress to evaluate its clinical efficacy in diabetic cataract.